Crea-tiff bijoux

Shoe clips

20 CHF / In stock.
Buttery soft Italian leather in your choice of colours turned into an arty shape of your choice. Inspired by Matisse cut outs... just tell me what you would like and I'll make it for you. All hand made in my atelier in Geneva. Can be worn with your choice of studs making them perfect f Jazz up a pair of simple shoes! Shoe clips made from soft, fine leather (from small artisanal tanneries in France, Spain or Italy) that can be worn with your choice of shoes - making them perfect for people with allergies. Lots of colours to choose from. All made to order in my atelier in Geneva. Just send me a message to see what I gave in stock. Match your bag or your jewellery with your shoes! Mix end match. Des clips de chaussure faits à partir de beaux cuirs italiens, français ou espagnols. Tous les clips sont faits sur mesure dans mon atelier à Genève. Osez assortir vos chaussures à vis bijoux ou à votre sac! Large choix de couleurs - n’hésitez pas à m’envoyer un message pour discuter des formes et couleurs possibles.